The Samurai Insoles Difference- Our "Secret Weapon".

April 07, 2015

Get Back To Doing The Things You Love

Samurai Insoles are different. The Samurai Insole is a unique orthotic insole that provides real dynamic support for your feet. They are made with the perfect balance of support and shock absorption in mind, at a fraction of the cost of conventional orthotics.


The Rules Just Changed

Orthotics have been used by podiatrists for decades to control the pronation associated with flat feet. However, custom orthotics can have many drawbacks, and the often $500 price tag? Ouch!

Samurai Insoles were designed to maximize the benefits of an orthotic insole, while adding comfort and versatility, at a fraction of the price.


Maximum Flexibility

Samurai Insoles' slim design allows them to be worn in a large variety of footwear. Perfect for sneakers, boots, clogs, slippers, or flats.

We've simplified the process for you, so you can achieve relief now.


Guaranteed Comfort

If you decide Samurai Insoles are not for you, no worries, we’ll cheerfully issue you a refund and stay friends, promise!

Simply return them within 60 days for an unconditional full refund. No monkey business.


Foot Pain? Or More At Stake?

Foot pain can be severely detrimental to your lifestyle. The ability to walk pain-free is vital to the quality of life you deserve. When feet have a sub-optimal shape, or shoes don't offer adequate support, the tendons and ligaments of the foot can become strained and fatigued. This can lead to overuse of the foot structures. Your body immediately springs into action, trying to compensate for your feet not operating at peak efficiency. The energy needed to compensate can be massive, leaving you tired, aching, and drained. This can create a "domino-effect" of pain, radiating from your feet to your knees, hips, or even the low back.


The Samurai Insoles Difference

Insoles are a common first step for anyone who suffers from foot pain. Gel insoles in particular are a popular choice among new foot pain sufferers, however their lack of support generally does not address the actual source of foot pain. Samurai Orthotic Insoles are biomechanically designed to optimize the function of your feet and legs. They provide a natural form-fitting feel, while controlling the flattening of the foot within the shoe. By realigning the joints of the feet and legs, as well as reducing the harmful forces impacting these joints, Samurai Orthotic Insoles can relieve discomfort caused by a variety of conditions, as well as prevent further damage to your feet.


Our Secret Weapon

The Samurai Insole is a premium orthotic insole that provides real dynamic support for your feet. By incorporating a supportive orthotic shell within a high-density padded case, the Samurai orthotic insole is able to absorb shock during impact activity, as well as realign the foot joints when necessary. Samurai orthotic insoles are biomechanically engineered to stabilize the subtalar joint of the foot, and reduce inefficient motion of the foot. This can help reduce strain in vital areas of the foot, as well as evenly distribute pressure across the bottoms of the feet.


We've Got You Covered

We've covered our Samurai Insoles with a heat and friction reducing red knit fabric. It excels at wicking moisture, keeping feet cool, dry and comfortable. Our snazzy red cover is also super durable, and has been approved by the US government to meet or exceed strict military specifications.

Dr. Thomas Lembo
Dr. Thomas Lembo


Hello! I'm the creator of "Samurai Insoles", and work to rid the world of foot pain everyday.