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January 12, 2013

Get Back To Doing The Things You Love

Samurai Insoles are different. The Samurai Insole is a unique orthotic insole that provides real dynamic support for your feet. They are made with the perfect balance of support and shock absorption in mind, at a fraction of the cost of conventional orthotics.


The Rules Just Changed

Orthotics have been used by podiatrists for decades to control the pronation associated with flat feet. However, custom orthotics can have many drawbacks, and the often $500 price tag? Ouch!

Samurai Insoles were designed to maximize the benefits of an orthotic insole, while adding comfort and versatility, at a fraction of the price.


Maximum Flexibility

Samurai Insoles' slim design allows them to be worn in a large variety of footwear. Perfect for sneakers, boots, clogs, slippers, or flats.

We've simplified the process for you, so you can achieve relief now.


Guaranteed Comfort

If you decide Samurai Insoles are not for you, no worries, we’ll cheerfully issue you a refund and stay friends, promise!

Simply return them within 60 days for an unconditional full refund. No monkey business.



Hey there!  Thanks for checking out the new Blog.  My name is Dr. Tom Lembo, and you can read a small snippet about me here.  If it's your first time to the site, you can read the hole story here. While "" was created to inform people of my new arch support insoles, as well as give them an opportunity to take advantage of their benefits, I have a slightly different vision for the Blog portion of this site. I treat hundreds of patients every month.  The amount of information that I convey on a weekly basis about general foot health, can be, well, staggering. The little tips to help relieve an issue, shoe recommendations, foot aid advice..... sometimes I can't even remember them all! I've decided to start this Blog to compile and organize much of the information that I have churning through my head.  I hope that maintaining a resource for this information allows me to organize it more effectively, and will enable me to easily pass it along to anyone who may be interested.  As much as my patients learn from me, I also frequently learn something new from them!  This Blog allows me to share this knowledge very efficiently to others who may be interested. Please be aware, I will have reviews within the Blog of many products, some of which I have used personally.  Often, there will be a link located within the review that you can use if you are interested in purchasing the reviewed item.  These are called "affiliate links", and they do generate a small commission for the site so that we can continue to provide great content and information to the reader.  If you do decided to use an affiliate link within one of my  posts, "Thank you" in advance! I hope the "Samurai Insoles" Blog becomes one of your favorite places to visit!

Dr. Thomas Lembo
Dr. Thomas Lembo


Hello! I'm the creator of "Samurai Insoles", and work to rid the world of foot pain everyday.