Healthy feet cheaper- A quick tip that can save you big $$

July 17, 2013

Get Back To Doing The Things You Love

Samurai Insoles are different. The Samurai Insole is a unique orthotic insole that provides real dynamic support for your feet. They are made with the perfect balance of support and shock absorption in mind, at a fraction of the cost of conventional orthotics.


The Rules Just Changed

Orthotics have been used by podiatrists for decades to control the pronation associated with flat feet. However, custom orthotics can have many drawbacks, and the often $500 price tag? Ouch!

Samurai Insoles were designed to maximize the benefits of an orthotic insole, while adding comfort and versatility, at a fraction of the price.


Maximum Flexibility

Samurai Insoles' slim design allows them to be worn in a large variety of footwear. Perfect for sneakers, boots, clogs, slippers, or flats.

We've simplified the process for you, so you can achieve relief now.


Guaranteed Comfort

If you decide Samurai Insoles are not for you, no worries, we’ll cheerfully issue you a refund and stay friends, promise!

Simply return them within 60 days for an unconditional full refund. No monkey business.



Bargain shoes don't have to equal foot pain

Top tier athletic shoes can retail for about $140 when they immediately hit the stores, and in some states you have to add sales tax as well.  For people on a budget, purchasing older-model shoes can save big money compared to purchasing the newest model.  The older models are sometimes nearly identical, but often cost substantially less.  Another benefit could also be using the savings to purchase a more expensive model you otherwise wouldn't/couldn't afford.

Every year shoe manufacturers update their shoes.  Sometimes the shoes have significant functional updates. Often however, the updates are mostly cosmetic.  In either case, the latest and greatest shoes may not be worth the price you will pay for them.  More than likely, the updates will not be enough to significantly change your running performance.

Research can help relieve your sore feet

Research what sneakers or shoes you would buy, preferably by visiting a local store and finding a brand and model that is comfortable for you.  Often the store may have last years model of the same shoe already marked down and available for to purchase that day.  If not, online research can be terrific for searching out the previous year's model.  Depending on when the shoes were released and what shoe size you require, you can potentially find an abundance of shoes for two-thirds of their original retail price.  By shopping on eBay, for example, sellers often sell old-model shoes for less than $100, including shipping and handling, instead of $140 for a brand new pair of shoes.  Many online retailers, including and, also sell older-model shoes until they have sold out their stock.

Leave the high priced shoes for the high competition athletes

If running, tri-athlon, etc. are your main hobbies, then buying this years top-tier shoe can be a great investment in your recreational time.  If, however, you enjoy a casual walk around the block or shopping at the mall, last years athletic shoes will provide you with the support and cushioning you need to avoid having sore feet.  You can purchase top-of-the-line shoes and save quite a bit!

Dr. Thomas Lembo
Dr. Thomas Lembo


Hello! I'm the creator of "Samurai Insoles", and work to rid the world of foot pain everyday.