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One Pair of Inserts for All of Your Shoes

One Pair of Insoles for All of Your Shoes

We’ve crafted our Samurai Insoles with orthotic laboratory precision to fit your flat feet – not a size range (after all, you don’t buy shoes that way… who's ever heard of a “size 9-12” pair of shoes?). That means that there’s no cutting, trimming, stuffing, or jamming Samurai Insoles into your shoes. You get insoles that perfectly fit your feet for maximum comfort and support.   And because we insisted on taking extra care to make these super-comfy insoles thin and low-profile, you’ll get the same fantastic relief in a pair of dress shoes or flats as you do in your athletic trainers. 

Comfort You Can Depend on Without Spending a Fortune

Before now, you had two choices when it came to orthotic insoles – you could buy pair after pair of cheap “miracle” shoe inserts that don’t work at all, or get fitted for a set of custom-made orthotics.  There are plenty of cheap foam inserts out there, and companies have invented some pretty clever ways to make them appealing (ever stood on a machine to find out which pair of “custom” off-the-shelf inserts were recommended for you?). But the vast majority are shoddily made, and offer no support to address the real sources of your foot pain. So you end up buying pair after pair, desperately hoping that the next inserts will finally be “the ones”… and spending hundreds of dollars in the process!  And getting custom orthotics is no less costly – even a set of simple inserts can set you back $500 or more!  But now, you can finally get the flat feet relief you deserve for less than $50 – that’s a fraction of the price of custom orthotics, and probably far less than you’ve spent on off-the-shelf insoles over the past year!

Order Samurai Insoles Now… And Finally Say Goodbye to Flat Feet Soreness and Fatigue!

Why spend another day suffering from tired, achy, flat feet that just won’t go anymore? Today, you can make the choice to say “goodbye” to soreness and fatigue once and for all… and finally get back to work and play. Click the button below to order your precision designed Samurai Insoles now and reclaim your pain-free life!