Samurai Insoles Ninjas Tips


First, thank you for your order from all of us at Samurai Insoles, and congratulations on taking a big step towards happy feet!

We wanted to take a moment and share with you some valuable tips for using your new Samurai Insoles Ninjas. This will ensure that you receive the maximum benefits possible while wearing them.

TIP #1: We recommend a new(ish) pair of quality, well fitting sneakers, boots, or clogs with a removable insole to go with your Samurai Insoles. 

TIP #2: Simply place the Samurai Insoles Ninja under the manufacturer's insoles.

TIP #3: If you notice slipping of the Samurai Insoles NInja in the shoe during use, you may apply velcro to the bottom of the orthotic in the heel area.  You may only need to apply the prickly portion of the velcro to the orthotic, without the other side applied to the inside of the shoe, to stop the slipping.

TIP #4: (LAST, BUT MOST IMPORTANT): We recommend becoming accustomed to your Samurai Insoles Ninjas over the course of 7-14 days. Start off by wearing your Samurai insoles Ninjas about an hour the first time, then remove them from under your shoe's original insoles. Repeat this process every day, adding an additional hour of use with each successive day, until you reach 8 consecutive hours of use. If your feet become fatigued while wearing Samurai Insoles Ninjas, remove them at that point, and wear them the following day for the same time period, increasing the amount of time worn by an hour each successive day.

Our goal is for you to be COMPLETELY satisfied with your Samurai Insoles, as well as our support team! If you have ANY questions or concerns, please reply directly to this email so we can get right back to you with an answer.  

Thanks again, and enjoy your Samurai Insoles! 

The Support Staff, Samurai Insoles