We know you’re going to be absolutely thrilled when you slip Samurai Insoles into your favorite pair of shoes and discover what it’s like to live without sore, fatigued flat feet. But we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it!

That’s why we’re giving you an unconditional, no-risk, no-hassle 60-day money-back guarantee. Try Samurai Insoles for yourself for 60 days – if you decide that the affordable relief and support they provide isn’t right for you, just send them back and we’ll promptly refund every single penny of your investment. We'll even pay the return shipping!

Now that we’re taking on absolutely ALL the risk… is there ANY reason left not to say “goodbye” to your tired, sore feet for good?

Don’t Live with Foot Pain Any More!

If you’re one of the millions who suffer from flat feet, you know how miserable it can be. Standing, walking, exercising… it all feels like a tremendous chore. And even worse, foot problems often cause pain to radiate through your legs and even into your back. It’s downright excruciating… and it keeps you from enjoying the activities you once took for granted! 

But now, there’s Samurai Insoles – lightweight yet highly effective orthotic insoles that provide the support and comfort you’ve been missing. Versatile and durable, these orthotic insoles give flat feet the support they need for freedom from soreness and fatigue… no matter how active your lifestyle!

Biomechanically Designed to Relieve Foot Soreness and Fatigue

Samurai Insoles were designed by a leading podiatrist to address the root causes of tired, flat feet. Unlike cheaper shoe inserts, Samurai Insoles feature a springy molded orthotic core that provides the perfect amount of support in all of the right places.

That means finally being able to take on your day without the exhausted feet you’ve almost grown used to. You get the all-day comfort you deserve in a pair of low-profile, wear-anywhere orthotic insoles that will fit perfectly in your shoes.

Relief Doesn't Have To Cost A Fortune

There are plenty of cheap foam inserts out there, and companies have invented some pretty clever ways to make them appealing (we're looking at you "stand on our fancy machine" brands). But the vast majority don't address the real sources of flat feet discomfort. 

So, you end up buying pair after pair, desperately hoping that the next insoles will finally be “the ones”… and spending hundreds of dollars in the process! And getting custom orthotics is no less costly – even a set of simple inserts can set you back $500 or more! 

But now, you can finally get the flat feet relief you deserve for a fraction of the price of custom orthotics.

One Pair of Insoles for All of Your Shoes

We’ve crafted our Samurai Insoles with orthotic laboratory precision to fit YOUR foot size – not a size range (after all, you don’t buy shoes that way… who's ever heard of a “size 9-12” pair of shoes?). That means that there’s no cutting, trimming, stuffing, or jamming Samurai Insoles into your shoes.

We understand that, in order for your orthotic insoles to give you lasting relief, they need to be easy to use (otherwise, they’ll just end up in your closet). 
 And because we insisted on taking extra care to make Samurai Insoles thin and low-profile, you’ll get the same fantastic relief in a pair of dress shoes or flats as you do in your athletic trainers.

Samurai Insoles' Unique Design is it's "Secret Weapon"

Insoles are a common first step for anyone who suffers from foot pain. Gel insoles in particular are a popular choice among new foot pain sufferers, however their lack of support generally does not address the actual source of foot pain. 

Samurai Orthotic Insoles are biomechanically designed to optimize the function of your feet and legs. They provide a natural form-fitting feel, while controlling the flattening of the foot within the shoe.

By realigning the joints of the feet and legs, as well as reducing the harmful forces impacting these joints, Samurai Orthotic Insoles can relieve discomfort caused by a variety of conditions, as well as prevent further damage to your feet.

Foot Pain? Or More At Stake?

Foot pain can be severely detrimental to your lifestyle. The ability to walk pain-free is vital to the quality of life you deserve.

When feet have a sub-optimal shape, or shoes don't offer adequate support, the tendons and ligaments of the foot can become strained and fatigued. 

This can lead to overuse of the foot structures. Your body immediately springs into action, trying to compensate for your feet not operating at peak efficiency.

The energy needed to compensate can be massive, leaving you tired, aching, and drained. This can create a "domino-effect" of pain, radiating from your feet to your knees, hips, or even the low back. 

After over a decade in private practice, I continue to believe one of the most effective tools for relieving sore, achy, fatigued feet is adequate but comfortable arch support. Sounds simple, right? Think again! One of the most frustrating experiences I have as a podiatrist is helping my patients find and obtain a product that does just this. I’ve evaluated a massive number of over the counter arch supports, insoles, and orthotics, and have generally been underwhelmed. 

When I also became a foot pain sufferer, I finally decided to design the “perfect” over-the-counter orthotic insole for my patients, as well as myself. Thus, the Samurai Insole was developed. By creating an orthotic insole that was comfortable, lightweight, affordable, and also fit in a wide variety of footwear, I was able to provide my patients with a convenient and effective way to get the arch support their feet needed. I quickly realized the magnitude of developing this simple little device. I could help so many people, many I’ve never met before, get back to doing the things they love.

Dr. Tom Lembo

Founder, Samurai Insoles

Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely! You’ll love how Samurai Insoles let you say “goodbye” to your sore, tired feet or simply send them back within 60 days and we’ll happily refund every single penny of your investment!  

All we ask is that you email us at prior to returning your insoles so we can issue you a PAID return shipping label and promptly issue your refund upon receipt.  

No Hassle, No Runaround.  We'll even pay your return shipping!  They’re literally ‘risk free’, so go ahead, try the pair that’s best for you. 

 This further allow us to troubleshoot your issue so you may maximize the performance of your Samurai Insoles.

For customers within the continental US, shipping is free and provided via the USPS or UPS.  

Please allow 4-6 business days for delivery depending on your location. Should you require return shipping, we will provide a label to you at no cost.

Yes!  You will receive an email confirming your order with a tracking number.  

Please allow 24-48 hours for the tracking number to become active.

Samurai Insoles support the arch in a comfortable manner.  

This may relieve soreness and fatigue caused by a variety of foot conditions.

While most any shoe is okay, you’ll gain the greatest relief when you wear a new pair of well fitting, quality running/ jogging shoes, boots, or clogs.

Of course, a removable manufacturer’s insole is highly recommended.

We do not recommend placing Samurai Insoles on top of the original manufacturer’s insole.  

That being said, there are many shoes that the original insole is nothing more than a thin piece of fabric or material glued to the sole of the shoe.

In these cases, Samurai Insoles may be placed in these shoes without removing any additional material, provided this does not result in the shoe becoming too tight against your foot.

For Samurai Insoles' Ninjas, a removable insole is required.

Proper trimming of your Samurai Insoles can greatly affect they’re comfort and effectiveness.  For the perfect fit, follow these steps:

Step 1- Remove the original manufacturer’s insole from the shoe.

Step 2- Place the original manufacturer’s insole over your Samurai Insole.  Carefully trim away any excess material from the Samurai Insole with a pair of scissors, until both insoles are approximately the same size, leaving the Samurai Insole slightly larger than the original manufacturer’s insole.  Remember, you can always trim more if need be, don’t over trim!  Be particularly careful not to trim too much material away from the sides of the insole near the heel.

Step 3- Samurai Insoles may then be placed in your shoes WITHOUT the original manufacturers insole.  Be sure there is no material curled up in the toe area, or excessive movement of the insole within the shoe.

Just 7-14 days, not long at all when you consider how long you’ve suffered with tired, achy feet! 

We recommend you start with an hour, replace your original insoles, then repeat this process daily until you reach 8 consecutive hours of use. 

On the rare instance that your feet become fatigued while wearing Samurai Insoles, remove them at that point, and re-try their use the following day for the same time period, increasing the amount of time worn by an hour each successive day.

That depends on if you choose The Original Samurai Insoles, or Samurai Insoles' Ninjas…

For most users, THE ORIGINAL Samurai Insoles will last approximately 3-6 months with daily use.

This may vary greatly based on the environment and activity they are used in, the users body weight, and the type of shoes worn.  A construction worker using Samurai Insoles in work boots will see different wear patterns than someone who uses them for a weekly aerobics class.

If your Samurai Insoles begin to feel as if they are no longer as supportive as when they were first purchased, a new pair may be in order.

Of course, if you’re looking for the LONGEST LASTING Samurai Insole then you’ll want to choose Ninjas – we ran them over with a 5,000 LB SUV countless times just to prove they last and last – then stuck them in our shoes and walked around experiencing the same relief and support as before!

Yes. However, please be aware that frequently switching The Original Samurai Insoles between shoes may reduce their overall lifespan. 

Quick Tip: Looking for new shoes? Bring your Samurai’s along on your shopping trip to ensure the perfect fit! 

(Be sure to remove the manufacturer’s insole if needed.)

Yes.  Apply a small amount of mild hand soap and warm water to a soft tooth brush and gently cleanse the top cover of the insoles.  

Allow them to air dry.  PLEASE do not machine wash or dry them!

Samurai Insoles will not damage shoes under normal circumstances.


The red top cover of Samurai Insoles is a heat and friction reducing knit fabric, capable of wicking moisture to keep feet cool, dry & comfortable.

Beneath the red top cover is a cushioning, yet supportive foam layer.  A mild rigidity orthotic shell is located beneath this foam layer to provide dynamic support for the arch.  An EVA bottom cover provides extra cushioning for the entire insole.


Constructed from one solid piece no fabric, no textile material means they’ll stand up longer to wear and tear, won’t retain smells, and won’t overheat your feet! 

Yes, unlike most insoles (cheaply manufactured in Asia) Samurai Insoles are assembled and designed right here in the USA – in an industry leading orthotic laboratory – where we painstakingly engineer each Samurai Insole to meet our exact specifications.

Of course!  Please visit our contact page so we can help you get the most from your new insoles.  

Also, this FAQ has plenty of info that may answer your question.

We currently offer international shipping to most countries through our US listing.

Click here to place your order today!