Sumos by Samurai Insoles®- Double Padded Orthotics for Flat Feet

Transform ANY Shoe With a Removable Factoy Insole Into a Lean, Mean, Comfort Machine!

  • We doubled the cushion thickness of the original Samurai Insoles, creating the perfect orthotic insole for those who stand or walk for hours each day.
  • Designed for roomy shoes that are worn all day (work boots, utility shoes, hiking boots, running sneakers)
  • Incorporates a supportive Ninja orthotic core within a comfortable padded case, providing real dynamic support for your feet.
  • 60 Day No Risk Test Drive


Customer Reviews

Based on 265 reviews
Samurai insoles.

I have been using the yellow padded Samurai insoles for at least 1 1/2 years. I have flat feet and were orthopedic plates for my feet go over 40 years. I switched to these and have had no problems. I highly recommend these inserts if you have flat feet.

Foot and shoe savers

Having very low arches and wide feet have made getting comfortable Women's shoes difficult. This has led me to sore feet, legs and back followed by tossed shoes. I found your product and started with 1 pair of Samurai insoles for my walking shoes which provided me a level of support I haven't had since using custom orthotics and they were more comfortable. I now have Samurai insoles in my dress, casual, and sporty shoes and will be buying another pair for my new Dr. Marten boots! Thanks for a well made, reasonably priced product that saves my feet and my money!

Finally relief from flat foot pain & heal pain

Just bought my 2nd pair of Samurai Ninja insoles and will use no other.
After dealing with the pain of walking in shoes with no support I found the Ninja insoles and they have been such a blessing, no more heel pain!!! The best part is my feet don't start aching after 30 minutes of walking. Buy them, you won't be sorry!