Samurai Insoles Shoguns Demonstration

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TIP #1: We recommend a new(ish) pair of quality, well fitting sneakers, boots, or clogs with a removable insole to go with your Samurai Insoles Shoguns. 

TIP #2: Simply place the Samurai Insoles Shoguns under the manufacturer's insoles.

TIP #3: Get your feet accustomed to Samurai Insoles Shoguns over the course of 7-14 days.

Start off by wearing your Samurai insoles Shoguns about an hour the first time, then remove them from under your shoe's original insoles.

Repeat this process every day, adding an additional hour of use with each successive day, until you reach 8 consecutive hours of use.

If your feet become fatigued while wearing Samurai Insoles Shoguns, remove them at that point, and wear them the following day for the same time period, increasing the amount of time worn by an hour each successive day.