Sumos by Samurai Insoles®- Double Padded Orthotics for Flat Feet

Transform ANY Shoe With a Removable Factoy Insole Into a Lean, Mean, Comfort Machine!

  • We doubled the cushion thickness of the original Samurai Insoles, creating the perfect orthotic insole for those who stand or walk for hours each day.
  • Designed for roomy shoes that are worn all day (work boots, utility shoes, hiking boots, running sneakers)
  • Incorporates a supportive Ninja orthotic core within a comfortable padded case, providing real dynamic support for your feet.
  • 60 Day No Risk Test Drive


Customer Reviews

Based on 244 reviews
Relief from Heel Pain

The Ninja inserts work great. I wear them to play golf and my heel does not hurt. I also purchased the Samurai Insoles. They are also very effective in relieving my heel pain.

Work Great!

These really do work well and cost much less than the $400 you would spend at the podiatrist

A Balanced Ninja

I bought my Ninja's a couple of weeks ago after suffering with plantars fasciitis for at least six months. I just couldn't take the pain any longer so I looked up insoles and which were rated the best for price and these insoles came up. They were delivered to me two or three days after purchase. It has been now two weeks and with help of stretching out my feet morning and night and using the Ninja's the plantars fasciitis is now very tolerable. If you have this issue don't think that by putting the Ninja's in will solve it immediately. If you are like me it will take a week to maybe ten days for your feet to get use to having them in your shoes. I had a little discomfort but that has significantly gone away and I believe will go away completely as I continue to use them daily. I go to a chiropractor weekly and usually I'm unbalanced but today after missing last week, my chiropractor was happy to see how balanced I was and I needed no correction. I believe they have helped with lower back pain and hip issues since my last chiropractor adjustment. Unless you are going to get insoles that are made specifically for your own feet, which will cost you a fortune, you should try these as your first set.