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Wear them everyday!

I have them in every pair of my shoes. They take a little while to get use to. My heel struggles are over

My samurais for my ON sneakers

Thanks to these insoles I can run outdoors and on
A treadmill! No more ankle pain, a game changer!


Since I couldn't afford prescription insoles, I hoped that the Ninja insoles would at least give me some relief from the horrible plantar fasciitis pain I had suffered for about 3 months. I could feel the relief from the moment I put them inside my tennis shoes. The improvement in my feet has been incredible. I bought the plain pair and the set with the small heel. Both are great, but I think I prefer the plain. I dont bother putting the insoles under my shoe foam insole. I like the way it stops the pain immediately when I begin walking with them. Best money I ever spent on myself!

love them

I get a new pair every time I get new shoes.

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Pamela D. (Charlotte, US)

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts

Great..and saves $

Used various insoles over the years....finally settled into spending over $150 on shoes that worked for me. A year ago, I tried the Samurais in a pair of relatively inexpensive shoes. Amazing. I more recently tried Samurai's latest. Even better. Bottom line, at least for me, if you have a reasonably priced shoe/sneakers with already good foam insoles, adding the Samurai will save you $ on the initial shoe purchas without sacrificing the comfort.


I love these! My feet felt better immediately.


I put these in my shoes the day I got’em & within a day I already felt relief. I’d recommend these insoles.

They actually worked!

I did not believe these little insoles would do anything, but they did! I’m beyond impressed! Follow the directions to break them in slowly. They were a little uncomfortable the first few days but not anymore! I have cheap odor eater things in my shoes and put the insoles under them.

Samurai Insoles - Supporting Working Men and Women

I have ordered multiple pairs of Samurai men's insoles and they absolutely provide me very comfortable arch support for my extremely flat feet. None of the other insoles provide me with this standard of support and comfort

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
TRANG L. (Centreville, US)
Samurai insoles

The best customer service!

Continue to deliver relief!

I’m on my feet for several hours everyday for work. I started using this product several years ago and, on average, replace the insoles annually. They provided such a difference when I work, that I also started using the insoles in my other shoes. I have yet to find a better available product for the cost. I don’t see myself changing products anytime soon. Highly recommend!

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Terry O. (Colorado Springs, US)
Such blessed relief!!!

Tried several different products in hopes of finding relief for a painful heel problem. Got to the point where I pretty much gave up on finding anything that would end the problem. Decided to try one last product after researching serious orthotics, Thankfully, Samurai orthotics proved to bet he answer and I have no further pain or discomfort.

Samurai insoles

They are so comfortable! Only been wearing them for a week, so I will let you know if they help my poor feet. But so far, so good!

Playing Tennis Pain Free

Thank you. I am able to take to the court and play without worrying about pain in my foot.

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
DALE S. (Oklahoma City, US)
Morton’s Neuroma

I suffer from Morton’s Neuroma. The ninja insoles have made the discomfort and pain bearable. Am starting to get some feeling back in my toes even.

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts

Helped with Plantar Fasciitis

After trying the drug store shoe inserts for foot pain I decided to try the Samuai Ninja inserts I saw online. They arrived quickly and have become a very important component to my healing of plantar fasciitis. These inserts, along with the PT and other measures the foot doctor had me doing helped me to get relief in a short time. I now own many pair so I don’t have to move them around to different shoes.


I purchased the product hopefull it would relieve pain in my right foot heal, unfortunately it's not working. I'm going to have to look for something else or break down and go see a podiatrist.

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Berit F. (New Orleans, US)
Feels better

Had an ongoing pain in my heel added samurai insoles and began to feel better after a day or two

Really helps!

Have had issues for 1.5 years. Finally gave these a try and clearly helping. I own 4 pair and need more for ALL my shoes.

Effectiveness - 5; Squeakiness - 1 Overall 3

I am happy to say that the Samurai Insoles reduce the pain in my foot and ankle but sorry to report that they squeak so everyone knows I'm in the area. Worst squeakiness is in my athletic shoes and those are the most important for my exercise. I usually wear airpods so I am bothering others more than myself when fitness walking. However, when I turn off the airpods, I am very aware of the loud squeak with each step.

Best insoles for me

I have used alot of different insoles for my plantar fasciitis. Samurai seems to work the best for me

Recently purchased

I haven't got to use these insoles much yet but I feel they will definitely help with planters fasciitis pain. They seem to be more comfortable while walking.


An insole that provides relief for my son's flat feet. Thank you!