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Sore feet

I have used the samurai insoles for 3 days so far and wow what a difference so far. Great product!


Is helping somewhat.

These Are SO Good!

I love these. I used to have narrow feet and high arches. Now, my arches have fallen a bit and my feet have become longer and wider. I'm always concerned that the insoles will take up too much room in my shoes but the just fit perfectly and give me so much support that I can run and walk farther and faster than I can without them and I need less recovery time. These have helped my stay on my feet and avoid injury - and avoid expensive orthotics!

Feel great, but sticky pads won't stay in place!!


These inserts are the first ones I have bought that fulfill their promise. I don't put on a pair of shoes without them!

Not enough support

I have plantar fasciitis and was hoping these would help but after a few weeks of wearing these I don’t have any relief. So looking for something else.


These are seriously the best insoles! They have saved me from excruciating pain!

Able to hike!

I purchased the Samurai insoles as I was having debilitating heel pain when walking. I received them a couple days prior to my trip to Alaska, and I could not be happier with them. I wear heavy boots when hiking and the insoles allowed me to hike where ever I wanted to, and without the pain that was causing me to not hike. Great product!!


Great support and the option for thicker insoles is great. These are better than any other insoles I've tried.

Samurai Strong

The Samurai insole has made the difference!
I have tried multiple insoles, including custom made from my provider, but none of them worked. My heel pain never went away until I started using the Samurai insole. I spent hundreds of dollars on other insoles and I threw them away. I found the most effective insole in the market under $30 bucks.
I am ready to purchase a second and third pair so I can use them with other shoes that I was unable to use due to my pain.
Thank you Samurai! Your product is basic but very strong with amazing results.
I strongly recommend these insoles.

Has helped with PF heel pain

Best attributes are sizing and durability. They can also be used with any insole of your choice for cushioning and comfort. All round excellent arch support.

They fit great! Still testing out the comfort though!

comfy and helpful insoles!

Since using the Samurai insoles, my feet feel better and my posture seems to have improved a bit. This is helping me walk with less discomfort.

Don't leave home without putting Samurai insoles in your shoes.

On vacation I could hardly walk. My legs hurt so bad. I purchased some very expensive (good feet insoles) and they were the answer to my problems. After researching insoles, I discovered Samurai insoles on the internet. Around $35 a pair, compared to $300 apair. So far I have purchased about 8 pairs for me and 8 pairs for my husband. Samurai insoles are the greatest! Unmatched by any other insoles on the market. Your legs will never feel better. You can walk miles without any pains on your legs, calves, or hips.

I can run again!

So grateful to be able to fun comfortably and not experience immediate pain like I usually would. I’ve recommended these to all of my family members already and would to anyone looking for quality insoles that work

Shin Relief

I developed shins splints from my years of walking 5 plus miles a day for years. I went on the internet to see what caused my shin splints and it is from weak arches. The article offered several ways to relieve the problem and the easiest and cheapest was to try arch supports. So it has been several weeks since I started using Sammari arch supports and they helped relieve the pain. I am walking a little less which was also recommended to do for awhile. So hopefully between the arch supports and a little less walking I should be able to return to my regular routine in about a month

Comfortable Insoles

Very comfortable insoles and fits perfect.

Poor quality

I’m am very diss appointed in your product. I compared them to other products and your product is lacking. I feel like I got cheated. First and last with your product.

Fantastic Fit

Helps with foot comfort and my lower back. Excellent product

I'm very happy with the insoles, it's been more than a year that I'm wearing it and my feet are back to normal with a arch ,I'm 74 years old and I was loosing my arch, and I bought a pair for my son who has flat feet, and I'm sure the insoles will help him too!!!

Great product that works

These work exactly like they should. They are thin and drop into any shoe easily%2C right on top of the current insoles. The shape supports your foot and doesn’t slide around. I’m flatfooted and the arch of the insoles is not uncomfortable. The heal pain has subsided since I started using them. I would recommend them to anyone.

good feet

i was having a lot of pain in my heel when i walked , so i tried samurai insoles and what a differance . i can now walk pain free !!

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts are the best I've tried. Helped my plantar fasciitis more than any other.