How Do Orthotic Inserts Make a Difference For Your Feet?

How Do Orthotic Inserts Make a Difference?

Did you know that 30% of people have at least one flat foot? That means 30% of us are struggling with everyday activities, such as walking or standing.

These people have trouble exercising because of the strain caused by a flat foot. Even worse, a flat foot can create further health problems, including leg and back pain.

If you're one of nearly three people who have this problem, there's an easy solution. You should try orthotic inserts for your insoles.

These insoles are made custom to your feet, so you can receive the support you need. They're inexpensive, relieve pain, and can be made to fit all shoes.

Not convinced yet? Read on to see why you'll fall in love with orthotic inserts.

Reduced Pain in the Foot

Most of us who suffer from this condition are prone to moderate or severe foot pain. Without orthotic inserts, it's likely you're dealing with chronic discomfort.

That's because flat feet cause soreness and fatigue. They feel heavy and tire out easily.

An insert will help alleviate your foot's heaviness. As the name suggests, someone who is flat-footed has little or no arch. This causes an imbalance in their stride.

Putting this much pressure on your feet is not good for you. Gravity already causes us to feel three to four times heavier than we are. Without an arch, this can feel closer to five or six times.

The pain also causes the foot to move more slowly. That's because the entire weight of the body is resting primarily on the heel or middle of the foot. This creates pain because the rest of your foot was not designed to compensate for the imbalance.

Orthotic inserts also help disperse the weight on your foot. They're tailored to fit your foot's needs, which means they support the areas that need it the most.

They also prevent against overpronation, which refers to the way your foot lands. When this happens, you're more likely to experience injury to the foot, ankle, or knee.

Improves Other Body Functions

Flat feet face inward much more than regular feet. This causes the bottom half of your body to also gravitate inward.

This is bad for your legs and back for a number of reasons. More importantly, it leaves you more vulnerable to aches, pains, and injury.

With a flat foot, your body feels much heavier than it would if you had two healthy feet. The result? You're much more likely to develop the shin splints or heel spurs.

Your back can also suffer is you have a flat foot. Because your body is imbalanced, you're more likely to experience pains and aches in your mid and lower back.

Do you suffer from obesity, rickets, or another metabolic disorder? If so, you should know that these diseases cause the arches of your feet to weaken. They may cause flat feet to develop or worsen a flat foot if you already had one.

Orthotic inserts alleviate the heavy burden that your body places on the feet. They can support your weight where the weak arches in your feet are unable to.

Tailored to Your Own Foot

Orthotic insoles are customized to meet your needs. No two people experience discomfort in the same parts of their feet, so no two insoles are exactly the same.

They're made with an inner core spring, which gives you support right where you need it. These inserts sit at the back and middle of your foot, which helps disperse weight much more evenly.

However, not all companies offer specific sizes of insoles. You've probably seen flimsy, generic inserts on the shelves of your local drug store. If you're really suffering from a flat foot, however, you shouldn't buy one-size-fits-all insoles from a drug store.

Instead, you should opt for a supplier who can offer specific sizes. This will prevent you from having to cut or modify your insole to fit your shoe.

When you use an insole that isn't tailored to your foot, it's usually a waste of money. These generic inserts don't reach the area you need and won't provide the relief you want.

Even if part of the insole does reach the targeted area, you run the risk of it sliding around all day. This is both uncomfortable and useless to you.

Better Daily Life

The last benefit we'll discuss is that an insert really enhances your well-being. Orthotic inserts make a difference not only in your foot but also your everyday life.

It makes all your favorite activities much easier and comfortable to do. You feel less bogged down by uncomfortable weight. In fact, you'll probably notice that you move more freely and easily than ever before.

You shouldn't have to live each day in fear of foot pain. Instead, you'll be able to enjoy each day without worrying about the strain you're placing on your feet.

People who use inserts experience much less discomfort in their daily activities. They also report a noticeable improvement in foot, joint, and back pain.

One study claims that it's essential for people with flat feet to use insoles. After considering all the benefits insoles offer, we're inclined to agree.

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