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Samurai Insoles

I run a punch press at work and it sends alot of vibration through my feet. I started having heel pain about a year ago...like I'd barely be able to walk sometimes. I started using Samurai Insoles about a week ago and am already noticing a significant difference in pain. I love Samurai Insoles.

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts

The Ninja inserts are just what I needed. Move easily between different shoes and boots. The price was right as well!

Definitely worth a try. These fixed my wife’s foot issues.

Definitely worth a try. These fixed my wife’s foot issues.

Ninjas are better

That other stuff helps but nothing compares to the ninjas

Very pleased

I can actually wear these in my regular business shoes! My feet no longer hurt after a day on the go!

Been wearing them for Plantar fasciitis. Very helpful.

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Eileen L. (Patchogue, US)

They stay put in my sneakers. Comfortable. Simple to install even in older sneakers.

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Sandi M. (Wichita Falls, US)
Love my Samurai insoles!

I was having so much pain from planter fasciitis. These have been amazingly helpful. I have been recommending to any who are experiencing foot pain.

Finally relief !!

After trying different types of remedies, finally these insoles worked like a charm.

Different from all the others

I've been dealing with constant heel pain in my right foot and plantar fasciitis in both feet. While the pain is not completely gone, I feel like I am on a road to recovery with the way these inserts are designed. I will definitely be buying more pairs for other shoes.

Helped with shin splints

Had shin splints and was told to try these insoles. Within 2 weeks my shin splints were gone and I was pain free

Very comfortable insole

A golfer friend of mine told me about these and I was skeptical. I bought one pair and then one for a friend and now I just bought two more for me. They are great!

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Emmett W. (Kansas City, US)

These work great::

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Richard W. (Camdenton, US)
Effects Observed

I have been dealing with moderate to severe pain from Plantar Faciitis for a few months now. Put your insoles in my Sketcher tennis shoes on 10-22 and could immediately feel a sort of slight "spring pressure" on the bottom of my feet. Pain has been bad enough in the morning that i make sure certain solid items in the house are available to grab onto for my morning trip to the bathroom and a few times it has hurt enough that it's been difficult to urinate. On the morning of 10-24 my morning routine was the same with one very notable difference. Vast reduction of pain, around 80% less!! I couldn't hardly believe it! So i didn't really mention it to anyone, thinking it was a fluke of some kind. Next morning, almost the same thing! Vast reduction of pain! In THREE DAYS! Going off of various internet sources, i expected 2-4 weeks b4 significant pain reduction. I'm very happy with the Samurai insoles. Will buy another pair when i get a new pair of Redwing boots. FYI, the Sketchers do have a glued-in insole. If you slowly, forcefully and carefully work your fingers under the heel area they come right up w/o damage, allowing you to use the insoles under them. Thanks for a great product!

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Judy D. (Highlands Ranch, US)

I recently ordered 2 pairs of innersoles but they are not going to work for me. Please tell me how I can return them for a refund.

Game changer

I'm 65 years old and for first time in my life experienced foot pain. Pediatrist was quick to want to give me shot of cortisone, but I didn't. I didn't know what I needed and didn't know I needed to rest. Over 2 months later I was still trying to figure out what I needed to do. I googled planter fasciitis and found Samurai. I opened the box and thought, these don't look like much, then I put them in my shoe and IMMEDIATELY felt relief. Thank you for what you do!

So far so good

Seem to be every bit as good as the one’s my podiatrist made for me.

I love these insoles. I have flat feet and with these insoles they don't hurt.

Flat feet and severe left foot pronation

I'm age 77 and have dealt with flat feet all my life. I E tried many prescription and over the counter insoles. Some work better than others for all day or working out.
But the Samurai insoles seem to work for all my shoes : dress, casual, and even athletic! I just switch out the original insoles with the Samurai and my day is dependable.


need more àrch support

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts
Lisa V. (New Concord, US)

I’m a hairdresser and suffer with severe plantar fasciitis and heel spurs! These have been a miracle for my feet! Thank you 😊


They work nuf said


The insoles did not help my feet as I had a partially torn tendon.


I like these inserts because they don’t breakdown.