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They fit great! Still testing out the comfort though!

comfy and helpful insoles!

Since using the Samurai insoles, my feet feel better and my posture seems to have improved a bit. This is helping me walk with less discomfort.

Don't leave home without putting Samurai insoles in your shoes.

On vacation I could hardly walk. My legs hurt so bad. I purchased some very expensive (good feet insoles) and they were the answer to my problems. After researching insoles, I discovered Samurai insoles on the internet. Around $35 a pair, compared to $300 apair. So far I have purchased about 8 pairs for me and 8 pairs for my husband. Samurai insoles are the greatest! Unmatched by any other insoles on the market. Your legs will never feel better. You can walk miles without any pains on your legs, calves, or hips.

I can run again!

So grateful to be able to fun comfortably and not experience immediate pain like I usually would. I’ve recommended these to all of my family members already and would to anyone looking for quality insoles that work

Shin Relief

I developed shins splints from my years of walking 5 plus miles a day for years. I went on the internet to see what caused my shin splints and it is from weak arches. The article offered several ways to relieve the problem and the easiest and cheapest was to try arch supports. So it has been several weeks since I started using Sammari arch supports and they helped relieve the pain. I am walking a little less which was also recommended to do for awhile. So hopefully between the arch supports and a little less walking I should be able to return to my regular routine in about a month

Comfortable Insoles

Very comfortable insoles and fits perfect.

Poor quality

I’m am very diss appointed in your product. I compared them to other products and your product is lacking. I feel like I got cheated. First and last with your product.

Fantastic Fit

Helps with foot comfort and my lower back. Excellent product

I'm very happy with the insoles, it's been more than a year that I'm wearing it and my feet are back to normal with a arch ,I'm 74 years old and I was loosing my arch, and I bought a pair for my son who has flat feet, and I'm sure the insoles will help him too!!!

Great product that works

These work exactly like they should. They are thin and drop into any shoe easily%2C right on top of the current insoles. The shape supports your foot and doesn’t slide around. I’m flatfooted and the arch of the insoles is not uncomfortable. The heal pain has subsided since I started using them. I would recommend them to anyone.

good feet

i was having a lot of pain in my heel when i walked , so i tried samurai insoles and what a differance . i can now walk pain free !!

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts are the best I've tried. Helped my plantar fasciitis more than any other.

Dr Recommended

I had tendinitis and my doctor recommended I place samurai insoles under the inside of my vionic shoes. My tendinitis is gone and I now have samurai insoles in all my shoes,

Pain relief

Within 2 days of wearing my new insoles, my pain started to disappear! I bought a pair for my daughter who suffers from leg and hip pain. She wears them everyday. Great relief.

This product is not for me. They are very uncomfortable and cause additional heel pain.


PCP told me that orthotics would likely help get some relief for pain which I thought was caused by heel spur. A specialist told me pain was caused by plantar fasciitis and with certain exercises and the orthotics I should be pretty much free of pain in 3-6 weeks. Just getting started, but very hopeful.

Worked for a while they started hurting my foot had to stopping wearing it

Worked for a while then started to hurt. Couldn’t remove it out out of my fast enuogh

Lot of relief!

A colleague recommended Samurai insoles after he found relief from his foot pain. So I ordered a pair for my husband, who has flat feet and knee pain. His knee pain has improved greatly! It’s easy to switch the soles from shoe to shoe. Now I’m ordering a pair for my daughter who also suffers from flat feet.

Ninjas Orthotic Arch Support Shoe Inserts

Samuri Shogun Insoles feel Nice!

I have plantar fasciitis that last time took 1 year to go away (and doing all the stuff you're supposed to do), now it's back again and 7 months still present. I recently got a pair of Shogun insoles (the green ones) and they felt nice to walk with in my shoes with other full footbed insoles over them. I have to change shoes and insoles several times a day as my foot gets tired of anything after awhile. That said, these are some of the better supports and I'm glad I have them in my arsenal. Thanks!

Relief at Last!

Being able to use the insoles with each pair of shoes I wear is a very ingenious idea. It makes sense to utilize the insoles that bring the most comfort and ability to walk without constant heal pain or discomfort.

Plantar Fasciitis

I recently purchased 3 of these pairs of insoles. My right foot is still hurting after using these. I may need to find a way to better support my arches so I can continue to make use of these.

No Change

Unfortunately they did not make a difference. I have gone through 6 different insoles and apparenty it does not make any difference. I will just keep buying the cheap ones for now.